Vic Naidoo reveals one of his best kept secrets...

Vic Naidoo reveals one of his best kept secrets...

Everyone has secrets, whether they're big or small. Some we share with friends or family but others remain only with us, forever.

Shhh Secret

Secrets could be considered the spice of life.

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There is almost something special about sharing something with someone else, making the two of you the only people in the world who know about it.

While other mysterious and secretive things have to be kept to ourselves and remain hidden in order to spare someone's feelings.

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Or maybe you just don't want to get into trouble.

There are songs about it:

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There are even movies about real people and the secrets they kept:

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Then you have something like which is a website where people can anonymously confess their deepest, darkest, or funniest secrets.

But not all secrets are created equally.

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It could be as simple as hating the person your sibling is dating to something as complicated as being an international spy.

Some secrets are heavier burdens to carry and it can also be a weight lifted off your shoulders when you finally open up and reveal the truth.

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That's why Vic is revealing one of his longest kept secrets, that even his family doesn't know about!

Take a listen below as he finally reveals all, and asks KZN to do the same:

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