Local authorities in Bali are forcing maskless tourists to do push-ups

Local authorities in Bali are forcing maskless tourists to do push-ups

'Law and Order'? More like 'Law and Fitness'!


Indonesia is still seeing a growth in active COVID-19 cases and, just like the rest of the world, they have implemented stringent rules and regulations to help fight the rate of infections.

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More importantly, they are coming up with creative ways of punishing people who are not willing to comply.

Wearing a mask in public is one of the most important ways you can prevent the spread of the virus and it has been mandatory in Indonesia since August 2020.

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Police say that foreigners and tourists are the biggest culprits of not wearing masks, with people not wearing them correctly or they are choosing not to wear them at all.

Local authorities in Bali have decided that instead of hitting non-masking-wearing individuals with fines they can easily pay, they're going to make them wish they never left the house.

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If you are caught without a mask in public you could be asked to pay a cash fine of 100,000 Indonesian rupees (R110), but if they do not have cash on them they can choose to do push-ups.

Not wearing a mask will have you dropping down and doing 50 push-ups, while if you have been wearing one that is not covering your nose your push-up punishment is 15.

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Don't believe us? Watch the videos and see for yourself:

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The authorities are becoming increasingly fed up with these rulebreakers and they are reaching the point where they just want to deport anyone who is not wearing a face mask correctly.

While not wearing a mask is no joking matter, the fit-fam foreigners have provided their fair share of LOLs.

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So let this be your daily reminder to:

  1. Wear your mask 
  2. Sanitise/wash your hands
  3. Stay home and stay safe (if you can)

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