Did President Biden bring back Donald Trump's Diet Coke desk-button?

Did President Biden bring back Donald Trump's Diet Coke desk-button?

President Joe Biden has let no time go to waste and almost immediately redecorated the Oval Office in the White House, but kept one thing the same...

Biden desk

The United States finally has a new leader.

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Since stepping into his role as the Leader of the Free World, President Joe Biden has already made some major changes when it comes to the country's involvement in climate change and more.

But apparently, the one thing that had everybody talking was his removal of former President Trump's Diet Coke button.

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The wooden call box, which was placed next to the phone on the Resolute desk, had been around for decades and is used to call White House staff, other officials, and even the Secret Service.

So it's a pretty big deal.

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According to Trump, he would use this button only to request a Diet Coke.

When the first pictures of Biden in the office had been published, it showed that the Diet Coke button had been removed.

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However, in new pictures that have been released this week, it has seemingly made its way back onto the desk (probably because it is actually a pretty important button to have).

It has been returned to the same spot it occupied previously but it is still unclear what Biden will be using this button for.

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He has also, like the many presidents before him, personalised his new office.

President Biden has chosen to not only include portraits of the men that have held this position before him, like one of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, he has also included progressives and artists such as Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr.

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At the end of the day, it seems like Biden has made himself pretty cosy.

We just can't wait to find out what that mysterious button does.

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When he presses it, will it actually be for life or death situations? Or will it just play his favourite song on surround sound speakers throughout the building?

Only time will tell...

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