This new television series will be your 'Undoing'...

This new television series will be your 'Undoing'...

Every week, Vic Naidoo gives you his top recommendations for binge-worthy series and cinematic masterpieces. This is The Watch Party.



It might be summer outside but unfortunately, we still have to stay inside.

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No need to get too glum though, because as always, Vic is here to save the day with this binge-worthy recommendation that should keep you entertained all weekend long.

Especially considering there might be a tropical storm heading straight towards us, can you think of anything better to do than curl up in front of the television, eat some yummy popcorn, and watch a gripping tale full of murder and mystery?

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One of Vic’s recommendations this week is perfect for just that.

Starring some of the biggest names in Hollywood, Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant, ‘The Undoing’ is a show that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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His other must-watch show is the complete opposite but just as entertaining.

‘Instant Hotel’ also has some drama of its own but it’s more of the reality TV type.

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Let’s just say it’s a competition that involves hotels, road trips, and a bunch of Australians.

His third and final suggestion is a complete surprise and we’ll leave the rest up to Vic, so take a listen below to find out more about all of these thrilling shows:

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