These are just some of the craziest superstitions in the world!

These are just some of the craziest superstitions in the world!

Everyone has a thing they believe in and although superstitions might sometimes seem silly, they also play a role in who we are as people.

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iStock describes superstitions as: "a belief or practice resulting from ignorance, fear of the unknown, trust in magic or chance, or a false conception of causation."

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Seems a little harsh when most people are superstitious only because they want to avoid bad luck.


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That doesn't seem too unreasonable, does it?

Maybe expecting salt or a tiny plant to keep you safe is a big ask, but if that is what you find comfort it, then you do you.

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While almost every superstition has its own origin story, many stem from the same place which is religion.

Take "knock on wood" for example. It was born from the belief that spirits used to live in trees, thus knocking on the wood would summon these spirits who would protect them.

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Others are born out of pure coincidence, but that doesn't mean that they are not taken as seriously.

According to Kaplan International, Australians believe that in cricket, 87 is the Devil's Number. 

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The original story dates back to 1929 when a young fan Keith Miller (who would one day go on to be a well-known cricketer himself) was watching his idol Don Bradman get bowled out for 87. He was just shy of reaching a century. 

Years later when Keith became a professional cricketer, he was playing a game when he saw his teammate Ian Johnson bowled out for 87 as well. He would always retell the story and so the legend was born. 

When you actually look at statistics, 14 Australian cricketers have been dismissed on the number 87, so the Devil's Number superstition remains.

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There are also some superstitions that are more intense and slightly stranger than others.

We all know that you shouldn't open any umbrellas indoors because it could lead to bad luck, but mostly it is just something that should be avoided because it's inconvenient.

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In Turkey, things seem to escalate, as it's recommended you do not chew gum at night.

The reasoning behind this? The gum will turn into the flesh of the dead.

Seems a bit dramatic, but we'll leave them be.

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And the weird superstitions do not stop there as Vic asked KZN to share their strangest beliefs.

Take a listen below to hear some of the most interesting ways people choose to summon good luck and ward off the bad:

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