WATCH: Woman sounds off after being "disrespected" by her man's luxury purchase

WATCH: Woman sounds off after being "disrespected" by her man's luxury purchase

She thought she was getting the gift her heart most desires...

Woman disrespected by man's fake Gucci purchase

Stacey and J Sbu have had many a conversation about things like girlfriend allowance, date payments, and other money issues within relationships.

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But after spotting this video on their timelines, there might be a new topic that needs to be discussed: is it unacceptable for your significant other to buy fake luxury goods as a gift?

One lady feels that it is a seriously "disrespectful" act.

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Instagram user @lemo_lucia recently took to her stories to share her disappointment with a gift she had received from an unnamed individual.

She only mentions that she received it from a man before going on a rant about the gift.

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While she thought she was going to receive a brand new pair of Nike Air Force sneakers, she ended getting a pair of Gucci sneakers instead.

Yet she was still not satisfied!

Check out the video below to find out why:

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While nobody knows the identity of the man who had gifted her the shoes, Twitter users were quick to come to his defence:

Is she right to be upset? Or should she just learn to walk a mile in some fake Gucci shoes?

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