Stacey talks about how the travel ban could affect her reuniting with her family

Stacey talks about how the travel ban could affect her reuniting with her family

The anxiety is VERY real...

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After almost two years of living in constant fear and caution, while trying to remain hopeful during an entire pandemic, it finally seemed like things were starting to look up as 2022 approached.

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That was until the news broke that a new COVID-19 variant, called Omicron, has been detected.

Cue panic.

The strain has already made its way to various countries and this has led to South Africa, once again, being put on a time-out.

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Not only have multiple countries put SA on their red lists and have reinstated travel bans, but President Cyril Ramaphosa even called for another family meeting to address the situation.

It seems like deja vu as people all over the world are stuck, again, can't see their families during the festive season, again, and South Africans have to accept the fact that they won't be able to enjoy a "normal" summer, again.

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Even though the travel bans had been exceptionally light over the last few months, some people have still not been able to reunite with their loved ones for over a year.

Stacey, whose whole family is situated in the Western Cape, instantly felt her stomach flip while she was listening to Ramaphosa's speech last night.

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While interprovincial travel is still ongoing, she couldn't help but wonder if that could change within the next few weeks, maybe even within the next few days?

Will she be able to head home and spend some much-needed quality time with her family, who she hasn't seen in months?

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Or will this new COVID-19 variant cause more drama and ruin everything she had planned?

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