"I am hiding the fact that I am R150k in debt from my fiancé" - KZN Listener

"I am hiding the fact that I am R150k in debt from my fiancé" - KZN Listener

Whether we like it or not, money plays a crucial role in any relationship.

Man hasn't told fiance he is R150k in debt

Money can be a blessing and a curse.

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In order to survive, every human being has to find a source of income by working on most of their days and hopefully make ends meet - one day at a time.

The sad reality is that poverty is prevalent in every single country and many people are in debt.

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People in debt have had to either put themselves through school or help fund somebody else's education. Or it might be that you've had to take out loan after loan in order to meet payment deadlines.

Homes, cars, clothing... the list goes up and the avaialble funds move in the opposite direction.

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As we've also mentioned, there is no separating money in relationships. If you are in a romantic relationship there comes a point in the relationship where you and your partner need to decide whether or not you'll be using a shared account, if each person will be responsible for their own funds or not, or some other form of agreement.

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Is what's mine really your's?

This brings us to this week's #TheFixer.

*Matthew has a very, very large secret.

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He is currently R150,000 in debt. While the dream is to obviously not have to owe anyone anything in this life, it's just not a reality.

However, Matthew's debt is not only affecting his life. It might also soon affect his romantic relationship.

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He's engaged to the love of his life but she is currently completely unaware that "Matthew" is dealing with this massive amount of debt.

Take a listen below to hear his whole story:

(*name changed in order to protect the identity of the listener)

Here is all the advice that Stacey, J Sbu and KZN had to offer:


Speaking of money and the role it plays within a relationship, Stacey and J Sbu recently discussed Boity's expected R450k girlfriend allowance.

Listen to the podcast below to hear what they had to say:

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