SEE: Woman shares story of how man sent her invoice for terrible date

SEE: Woman shares story of how man sent her invoice for terrible date

Some people will really try their luck.

Man invoices woman for date

If we've said it once we've said it a million times; everyone has different opinions on how the bill should be settled when on a date.

Some ladies want to pay for themselves, others want the men to always pay, you get the idea.

While there will never be consensus on what exactly is the "right" way of handling that type of situation, dealing with the rejection after a date is a different story.

Rejection might not be a pleasant feeling, but meeting someone who is honest with you about how they feel is quite rare and admirable, especially since they could have just strung you along for weeks on end and wasted your time.

That's why Twitter user Lauren was a little shocked when she received a very interesting message from a date.

Well, it was less of a text message and was more like an invoice.

A few years ago Lauren had gone on a date that left her wanting more. She didn't feel that spark and felt like she had to be honest with the man as to not string him along.

Little did she know that his reaction to the rejection would be the ultimate turn-off (and also just further justify her decision to deny him a second date.)

Her companion at first tried to convince her that they should go on another date but eventually realised he was fighting a losing battle and admitted defeat... but not before he asked her for his money back.

Lauren however had the perfect clapback.

Read the full exchange below:

man invoices woman after date rejection
man invoices woman after date rejection
Man invoices woman after date rejection

Isn't that just the best response?!

Well done Lauren for not letting one man's ego pressure you into doing something you're not comfortable with. Take note ladies and gents.

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