Here's what you'll pay at SA's most expensive day schools in 2022

Here's what you'll pay at SA's most expensive day schools in 2022

Which South African day school will cost you over R200,000 a year?

Kearsney College/

The latest numbers are out for South Africa's most expensive day schools in 2022.

If you take a look at the top four most expensive day schools in South Africa, you will not pay less than R170,000 a year at any of them.

If you're looking at the top ten, you won't pay anything less than R160,000.

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So, who ranks as the most expensive day school in South Africa in 2022, coming in at R209,000 for a Grade 12 student?

KwaZulu-Natal's Kearsney College - a 4.9% increase from 2021.

According to Business Insider"a year of undergraduate tertiary tuition in commerce, law, or engineering at an institution like the University of Cape Town or the University of the Witwatersrand typically costs between R50,000 to R70,000. This means a year of Grade 12 at one of these private day schools costs roughly the same as an undergraduate degree in law, commerce, or the arts at some universities."

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Six of the most expensive days schools are in Gauteng, three in KwaZulu-Natal, and one in the Western Cape.

Here are the top 10 most expensive day schools in South Africa for the 2022 academic year:

  1. Kearsney College (KwaZulu-Natal) - R209,000
  2. St. Johns College (Gauteng) - R179,000
  3. Roedean School (Gauteng) - R176,204
  4. Bishop's Diocesan College (Western Cape) - R170,520
  5. Crawford College Sandton (Gauteng) - R164,470
  6. St. Alban's College (Gauteng) - R163,650
  7. St. Mary's School (KwaZulu-Natal) - R163,550
  8. Clifton College (KwaZulu-Natal) - R163,398
  9. Reddam Waterfall (Gauteng) - R162,495
  10. St Stithians College (Gauteng) - R162,495

*note that these are day schools

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In 2021, Hilton College topped the list of the most expensive school in South Africa, costing R331,550 per year.

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