Boity confirms relationship but can he afford her R450k girlfriend allowance?

Boity confirms relationship but can he afford her R450k girlfriend allowance?

All the rumours are true...

Boity reveals relationship with Anton Jeftha R450 girlfriend allowance
Boity Official Instagram

It seems like love is in the air for one of South Africa's brightest stars.

After months of speculation and rumours Boity has finally confirmed who her bae is.

And we were all right: WATCH: Boity confirms whether or not she's dating Anton Jeftha

Yes, the two "besties" have finally revealed that they are actually romantically involved and they couldn't be happier.

Taking to Instagram over the weekend the couple showed the public how loved up they are with PDA on the stories!

Boity and Anton Jeftha confirm relationship R450k girlfriend allowance
Anton Jeftha Official Instagram

While Anton is a very successful actor and is by no means struggling financially, fans couldn't help but ask the question: is he paying Boity's girlfriend allowance?

You know the R450k allowance she recently revealed is necessary for her based on her comfort levels and needs.

The Tweeps jumped on it immediately:

We're sure Boity and Anton are happy and in love as ever, with or without the R450k.


The infamous couples allowance is once again a topic of conversation.

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It will probably be a controversial subject for many more years, but it has also become pretty mainstream for people to discuss their allowances.

If you don't know what a girlfriend allowance is, then let us explain. 

Although it still has a bad stigma attached to it, it's become quite a common practice for boyfriends to pay for their lady's upkeep. This means the boyfriend will give his girlfriend money at the end of every month (an allowance) that she can use to get her nails done, hair done, shop, and spend on whatever else she might need.

Some people feel that this is inappropriate and that the woman is then "owned" by the man or that she is "selling" herself.

Other people feel that it's the least a man can do if he expects his girl to look and act a certain way.

Whichever side you're on, we're not here to judge. We are only here to freak out about the amount that some of these celebrity girlfriends are receiving!

Influencer and beauty guru, Mihlali Ndamase, revealed that she had been receiving a girlfriend allowance of R50k, which she said: "was cute".

Even Boity's reaction, or lack thereof, indicates that these girls have either themselves received larger amounts or they know of people who do.

Watch the clip below:

Boity however made a much more shocking revelation:

J Sbu also wanted to share his thoughts on the infamous girlfriend allowance:

Stacey and J Sbu have previously discussed not only girlfriend allowance but the possibility of boyfriend allowance too:

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