WATCH: Woman shares amazing hack for sleeping on a plane!

WATCH: Woman shares amazing hack for sleeping on a plane!

Gone are the days of stiff and uncomfortable necks when taking a mid-flight snooze.

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Traveling is an incredible experience.

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But there are many things that can quickly ruin something that is supposed to be fun.

One of these is having to sleep uncomfortably.

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And in the decades that humans have been catching planes, trains, and automobiles, we have yet to perfect the art of sleeping on transport that has not been equipped with an actual bed.

When will we be able to sleep on an aeroplane without putting our backs and our necks through the most and twisting them into the most uncomfortable positions? 

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Unless you're one of the lucky first-class passengers, in which case you probably have no idea what we're going on about, but trust us, it's the worst.

Until some scientist figures it out, we have TikToker Kristen, aka @hellokristen, who has come through with a pretty ingenious hack for sleeping on a plane.

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She mentions that she has never been able to find a travel neck pillow that is actually comfortable and then reveals her life-changing hack:


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Why did it take us this long to figure out?!

If you are flying anywhere this holiday season and you need a comfy sleeping solution, make sure to try out the neckbrace and let us know whether or not it was worth it.

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If you are looking for more helpful hacks, Kristen has a bunch of other videos that you might want to check out before your next trip:


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Here's to many more safe and happy travels!

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