SEE: Tweeps show no mercy in critiquing Tito Mboweni's latest cooking attempt

SEE: Tweeps show no mercy in critiquing Tito Mboweni's latest cooking attempt

He aimed for a culinary masterpiece but ended up with a foodie fail...

Tito Mboweni latest cooking dish disaster

Hear us out: someone should start a petition to get the former minister of finance his very own cooking show.

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Having to wait for the occasional tweets that chronicle his cooking adventures has become torturous and we are constantly on the lookout to see what Mboweni will show us next.

And we know we're not alone.

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We love to see what Tito is cooking up and this week, he did not disappoint. Well, he kind of did.

Let's explain.

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It all started when Mboweni tweeted a bunch of pictures showing the preparations he had made and it seemed like he was going to be making a chicken stew.

It's the caption and the last picture that got us. It should have warned us, and Tito, of what was to come:

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But nothing could have prepared the internet for the end result:

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Luckily, Tito was only feeling the love and has a great sense of humour because tweeps were not holding back with their comments concerning the "chicken stew".

Here are some of the hilarious responses that caught his, and our, attention:

It seems like Mboweni enjoyed his meal and that's all that matters, right?

We can't wait to see what culinary magnificence he will whip up next!

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