REPORT: Tembisa 10 mom was pregnant and had a delivery via caesarean section

REPORT: Tembisa 10 mom was pregnant and had a delivery via caesarean section

It was the controversial birth story that gripped a nation and it seems that months later the #Tembisa10 story continues to captivate us. This time, it involves claims of a trafficking ring syndicate. 

Tembisa 10

According to a newly released report which was released during a press conference held by Independent Media on Wednesday afternoon, the mother of the Tembisa 10 decuplts, Moliehi Maria Sithole was pregnant and gave birth via a Caesarean section.

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This was confirmed by Obstetrician and gynecologist Dr. Mpho Pooe. 

During the press briefing, the report which Doctor Iqbal Survé (The Independent Media Executive Chairman and Dr Mpho Pooe revealed what many South Africans have reacted by saying are 'sensational findings'.

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A basic breakdown of some of the details from the report: 

1. Moliehi Maria Sithole was pregnant and admitted to Steve Biko Academic Hospital. She was then taken to a private hospital: Lenmed Zamokuhle Private Hospital and later Tembisa Hospital. 

2. Independent Media confirm that the moving from one hospital to the next of the infants did take place. 

3. Independent Media found that Doctors and nurses in both the private and public sectors were complicit in the delivery and subsequent cover-up of the birth of the babies. 

4. There was also gross medical negligence with regards to how many doctors were present for the multiple births. It is alleged that only four doctors were in attendance. 

5. Physical and electronic records of Moliehi Maria Sithole's pregnancy medical history was removed 

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That is not where the story ends, however. Advocate Michael Donen who is the chairperson of the independent inquiry into the #Tembisa10 story revealed in his report some contradictions that suggest human trafficking was involved. 

A detailed investigation has been launched to uncover a syndicate of human traffickers who are said to be several obstetricians and gynecologists, operating in the private sector using state hospitals for their own gain. 

Meanwhile, Independent Media has vowed to implicate more high-profile officials in the alleged cover-up soon. 

This is a developing story.

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