WATCH: AKA shares special father-daughter moment with adorable Kairo

WATCH: AKA shares special father-daughter moment with adorable Kairo

We were not ready for this cuteness overload!

Kairo Forbes and AKA share special moment
Kairo Forbes Official Instagram

As much as we love seeing celebs doing extreme and outlandish things, we also love to see them do every day, "normal" human things.

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Like going grocery shopping and hanging out with their families.

And our favourite daddy-daughter duo have once again caught us right in the feels.

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Kairo Forbes is almost just as famous as her dad, AKA, and boasts a massive Instagram following of one-million, getting closer to AKA's three-million.

And it's no surprise seeing as the girl not only has the coolest style, and she knows how to show it off, but can also give fans a glimpse into what it's like being the daughter of two of SA's biggest celebs.

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It's the sassiness for us!

And while it's clear to see where she gets her attitude from, it's the bedtime story moment that was recently shared on her own Instagram page that showed AKA's softer side.

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Were hearts melting? Yes.

Before heading to work, AKA had to fulfil his fatherly duties and read Kairo her bedtime story.

Get ready to say "aaaaawww" in 3, 2, 1:

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But the adorable father-daughter shenanigans don't stop there.

AKA also took to TikTok and uploaded a video of him and Kairo dancing to a throwback tune - Earth, Wind and Fire's 'Let's Groove'.

And everyone in the comment section agrees - they killed it!


Daddy Daughter Tik Tok for the Win. 💜 @kairo.forbes

♬ Let's Groove - absolutesnacc

Although they all also agreed that AKA made a questionable fashion choice when she decided to wear those leggings.

Either way, we think AKA and Kairo have established they are daddy-daughter goals!

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