WATCH: Woman reveals pasta "cooking" hack that has disturbed viewers

WATCH: Woman reveals pasta "cooking" hack that has disturbed viewers

Load shedding right before dinnertime? We have a no-cook recipe that you might enjoy!

No cook pasta TikTok recipe

Seeing as load shedding has been a part of our lives for 13 years and will probably remain a very crucial part of our lives for 13 more, we have learnt to adapt.

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And is there a better place to find a bunch of useful, sometimes questionable, but mostly very informative hacks than TikTok?

Of course not!

So when we came across this video we just knew it needed to be shared.

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While other users thought it might have been a bit too much and it apparently will have "Italian Grandmothers rolling in their graves", we as South Africans can appreciate the genius behind it.

Bethany Ugarte, @lilsipper_official, is the latest TikToker to divide the internet.

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For those who might not have a stove but are hoping to enjoy some delicious pasta carbs, Bethany has a very simple solution.

All you'll need is water.

And a pot/bowl big enough to hold your "cooked" pasta.

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Bethany uses this recipe as a time-saving tip saying she doesn't have time to stand over a stove and this helps free up more of her time for other activities and errands.

Makes sense since you don't have to keep an eye on a boiling pot.

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She also notes that brown rice flour pasta works best.

Watch the video below:


No stove? No problem✌️ #soakingpasta #fy #pastahack #pastarecipes

♬ original sound - Bethany Ugarte

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The video has sparked a pretty interesting debate in the comments as users can't figure out if this is supposed to be a joke or if it's serious.

Some of the comments include:

No cook pasta recipe tiktok

They're not wrong...

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