Salty Spice: Victoria Beckham reveals some of her "interesting" dining habits

Salty Spice: Victoria Beckham reveals some of her "interesting" dining habits

Ever wondered what the fanciest Spice Girl eats in a day?

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It's hard not to be weirdly interested in the way celebs live their lives when they all seem to be stranger than the next.

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From Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis telling the world that they don't bathe regularly to Jason Derulo becoming a TikTok star, it's all so entertaining and shocking at the same time.

And we just can't help ourselves.

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The most recent celeb to grab our attention is the one and only Posh Spice, Victoria Beckham, and funny enough it involves food.

Beckham recently appeared on the 'River Cafe Table 4' podcast and spoke about some of her dining habits.

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And while some might find Victoria's choice of comfort food on the bizarre side, she thinks it's quite boring.

In fact, all her food choices are considered pretty basic and boring.

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She hasn't eaten red meat since her school days when she learnt about the meat production practices in home economics and it left her absolutely horrified.

She also doesn't eat any dairy products and believes she is a restaurant's worst nightmare because she is such a picky eater.

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While weirder things have been said in this lifetime (especially by celebs), it's Victoria's "comfort food" of choice that caught our attention.

While most people might say their mom's cooking, a pizza or a good soup, Beckham's favourite is a slice of wholegrain toast with just salt sprinkled on top.

That's it.

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Posh Spice isn't that posh it seems!

Although she has previously said that during her time with the Spice Girls she was introduced to fine dining, which she had never experienced before, and she now is also a firm believer in maintaining balance in a healthy lifestyle, so she will say yes to a tequila shot or two.

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Will we ever fully understand the minds of celebs? Probably not, but until then we can be content with knowing that Victoria Beckham is eating dry, salty toast when she's had a bad day.

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