WATCH: Yes, invisible pizza is now a thing!

WATCH: Yes, invisible pizza is now a thing!

We don't really know how to feel about this strange-looking dish.

Invisible Pizza chef creation Michael Ligier
Michael Ligier Instagram

It feels like we are constantly seeing new and exciting food innovations popping up on our feeds.

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From cakes made of KFC to Woolies' new hake sausages, there is an almost constant flow of interesting foods being introduced into the world.

While some of these foods have us going, "I really want to try that", others have us asking the very simple question, "Why?"

And this is one of them.

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Chef Michael Ligier is a YouTuber and TikToker who loves cooking up all types of food while deep diving into different types of cuisines, but he also enjoys molecular gastronomy.

If you don't know a lot about molecular gastronomy the Britannica defines it as "the scientific discipline concerned with the physical and chemical transformations that occur during cooking."

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What this means is that Michael likes to get wild in the kitchen and his latest innovation has a lot of people scratching their heads.

He has created invisible pizza!

And we have questions.

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Although we love to see pizza being transformed into many various dishes, we had one question after we saw this video.

Is this technically still pizza?

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If this has piqued your interest you'll be happy to know Michael has. a lot more up his sleeve.

Here are some of his other strange creations:

Hot Cheeto Caviar

Portable Smoothie

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