WATCH: Man uncovers scary reason why his window opens at night

WATCH: Man uncovers scary reason why his window opens at night

Did someone say, 'Paranormal Activity'?

Scary caught on camera paranormal activity

Ghost stories and horror movies are nothing new.

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Strange and unexplained events have been taking place throughout history... allegedly!

Some people believe in the paranormal world wholeheartedly while others are absolutely convinced that ghosts, spirits and demons are a figment of our imagination and the last group are just a bunch of unsure skeptics.

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If you are having some doubts as to what to believe this might help convince you: Ghosthunting has been classified as a pseudoscience which means it consists of practices and beliefs that claim to be factual and scientific but in reality it is incompatible with the scientific method.

Basically, this field is kind of sciency but not really.

That being said; weird, mysterious and puzzling scenarios and happenings can cause doubt in even the strongest non-believers.

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Strange faces appearing in windows, cold-breezes and squeaky sounds throughout the house will send chills down your spine.

That's why a recent TikTok video has caused some controversy on the app.

The clip was shared by @TravelChannel but is originally from a television show called 'Unexplained: Caught on Camera!' and shows some very exceptional paranormal activity.

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A man had been waking up every morning only to find the window, which he had closed the night before, was always open in the morning.

Was he opening it up in his sleep? Was something else going on?

He decided to investigate and, of course, that meant putting a camera next to the window, record all the activity throughout the night and hopefully catch the culprit redhanded.

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To his shock and horror, even though the window was once again opened, there was no one in sight!

Watch the creepy video below:


NOPE. Don’t like that. 🙅‍♀️ ##unexplainedcaughtoncamera ##unexplained ##unexplainedcases ##paranormal ##haunted

♬ original sound - Travel Channel

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While it does seem quite strange, one has to keep in mind that this would be very easy to fake.

One user left a comment that explained exactly how it would be possible to record a ghost-like video.

A few of the other commenters agreed with the old man and felt equally creeped out by the video while a majority came through with the jokes.

Unexplained: Caught on Camera comments
Unexplained: Caught on Camera comments
Unexplained: Caught on Camera comments

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Whether you are a sceptic or a true believer, one thing we can agree on is the hilarious response to this man's "terrifying experience".

Hopefully he has started turning down the heat in his house or even simpler than that, just started leaving the window open anyway.

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Main image courtesy of @TravelChannel/TikTok

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