SEE: Twitter sounds off on Balenciaga x Crocs high heels

SEE: Twitter sounds off on Balenciaga x Crocs high heels

The fashion world has been experiencing many controversies over many years and this stiletto creation is the latest one.

Balenciaga x Crocs

The fashion industry will always leave people intrigued.

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Since it's such a fiercely expressive and creative environment, designers, stylists, models, and everyone involved can express themselves in any way that seems fit.

But it is still very subjective and sometimes a design or style just won't suit everyone's, or even anyone's, taste.

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However, you also get the trends that explosively - and sometime inexplicably - take off, and before you realise it, your life has also been infused with scrunchies, chain necklaces and bucket hats.

Remember when we all reached that point in the lockdown where we tried to make dresses out of pillows? The height of 2020 fashion if you ask us.


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Over the years there have been some trends that we look back on and the only question that comes to mind is, "Why?!"

To name a few; low-rise jeans, skirts over jeans, multiple shirts just being worn over each other... and the list goes on.

Sure, some fashion trends surprise us by making a comeback but generally, we like to leave them in the era they originated from.

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Now, why are we talking all about fashion trends? Because we might have found the trendy fashion design and, like most of the public, we have questions.

Just like how Taylor Swift went from a country star to a folkish fairy, Crocs has successfully pulled off one of the biggest 180s the world has ever seen.

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Since their creation, they have gone from fashion's most hated shoe to the most loved.

They've collaborated with almost every single chart-topping artist from Justin Bieber to Post Malone; and all sold out within minutes.

If you can think of a style, they have it. KFC (includes little drumstick accessories), pink bedazzled baddies which have been Nicki Minaj approved and even bridal Crocs exist.

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But, their latest collab is the most questionable to date.

Crocs previously released a collaboration with fashion house Balenciaga, which saw the birth of the unnecessarily high platform shoes and the shoes were hugely popular so it's no surprise that the two brands decided to collaborate once again.

Although their previous collab might have been questionable, their latest design has topped the list of the strangest looking shoe we have ever seen.

Our thoughts:


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Balenciaga debuted their new collab during their Spring 22 runway show and the only thing that really caught everyone's attention was the Crocs stiletto.

The shoes are not on sale just yet, but CNN has reported that the shoes could have a hefty price tag of $1,000 which is an estimated R13,783.

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Even if you were to take the money out of the equation, people have been sharing their feelings about the world's strangest-looking pair of high heels and it's not receiving a lot of love:

And then there is one person whose genius is unparalleled:

(Or maybe even just Crocs x Heelys? The collab we didn't know we needed and if it ever does happen you heard it here first.)

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Back to the Balenciaga situation. 

Are we just incredibly fashionable? Yes. But maybe there is something about this shoe we are just not getting and that's okay. 

Not everyone has to like everything and if you think these Balenciaga x Crocs Stilettos are hot, then by all means you do you, boo!

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