Social media defends Will Smith after Jada shares intimate letter from Tupac

Social media defends Will Smith after Jada shares intimate letter from Tupac

Seems like Jada Pinkett Smith has found herself in another entanglement...

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By now we all know that Jada and Tupac has a very special relationship.

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The two grew up together and had been very close friends for many years before the untimely death of the rapper.

Today marks what would have been Tupac's 50th birthday and to commemorate the day, Jada decided to share a very intimate letter that he had written to her.

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Smith said that she had been taking a walk "down memory lane" and she wanted the post to include something about him that everyone loved and had great respect for - his words.

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The beautiful poem surely means the world to Jada, who spoken about the effect Tupac death has had on her life multiple times.

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But there has always been rumours and speculation following Jada and Tupacs relationship. Especially considering the fact that she is married to and has a whole family with Will Smith.

Although they have both stated that Jada and Tupac never had a romantic or even sexual relationship, they do acknowledge that they had an exceptionally special relationship.

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Will has however admitted that he was very insecure about the friendship.

It also does beg the question: is Jada's behaviour inappropriate or not?

Now with the recent post, Twitter has collectively lost it.

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People are feeling some kind of way about Jada's choice to once again share a very personal piece that is most likely making Will feel a bit uncomfortable.

They have picked their side and they are standing by their choice - team Will all the way.

Will Smith can sleep soundly tonight knowing that the world has his back and will continue rooting for him.

Jada on the other hand might need to have another Red Table Talk with herself.

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