Fashion designer claims Chrissy Teigen's bullying made him suicidal

Fashion designer claims Chrissy Teigen's bullying made him suicidal

The former model has been accused of cyberbullying after old Tweets of hers resurfaced.

Chrissy Teigen apologises for cyberbulling Michael Costello suicidal

In March 2021 Chrissy Teigen decided to leave social media because she was being bullied.

No one could have predicted what would happen next.

READ: Fashion designer claims Chrissy Teigen's bullying made him suicidal

Courtney Stodden, who became infamous when they - at the age of 16 - married 51-year-old actor Doug Hutchison, revealed in May that they had been subjected to years of bullying by Chrissy.

According to Stodden, Teigen had not only publicly attacked and tweeted horrible things aimed at the then-teenager, she even took the time to privately message them.

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Courtney took to Instagram and posted an IGTV addressing the bullying, slut-shaming and harassment they endured at the hands of Chrissy.

In the video, they mention their book and how they had now realised the psychological effects of her bullying.

Courtney also shows Chrissy's tweets in the video with one simply stating "@courtneystodden i hate you".(sic)

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You can watch Courtney's full video addressing Chrissy Teigen here:

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After the video was posted, Chrissy wanted to apologise for the things she had done in the past.

She posted a lengthy apology to Courtney on Twitter:

Chrissy Teigen Courtney Stodden apology

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The apology was accepted by Stodden, but a lot of people accused Chrissy of only apologising in order to keep face, which was then further substantiated when they posted on their Instagram that Chrissy had still blocked them on Twitter.

Hence, Courtney didn't even have direct access to the apology aimed at her:

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After the whole Courtney/Chrissy debacle, Teigen decided to take a month-long break from social media to reflect on what she had done and really focus on becoming a better version of herself.

Yesterday she finally returned and posted a blog post on Medium where she explained everything she had gone through, how she was such a 'troll' all those years ago and, most importantly, how terrible she feels about the pain she had caused.

You can read her full apology below:

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Her words were not yet cold when a former 'Project Runway' contestant and fashion designer Michael Costello decided it was his time to speak up.

According to Costello, after there had been a major social media misunderstanding, Chrissy and her stylist Monica Rose had taken it upon themselves to destroy Michael and his career.

Costello explained in his Instagram post that he had been dealing with the trauma and fear for seven years but he could no longer sit back and watch how others experience the same thing.

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In 2014 Michael was accused of being racist by a model. The model had commented on his Instagram page after a racist comment of Michael's had started making the rounds on the internet. As it turned out, the comment was photoshopped and later proven to be false and has since been removed.

Unfortunately for him, Chrissy had caught wind of the situation but the more he tried to explain to her that it wasn't real - and that he would never say anything like that - the less she wanted to hear from him. 

She had told him that his career was over and he soon realised that it might as well be. Along with her stylist, Chrissy had ensured that Michael would never work again with friends and colleagues telling him that the pair would threaten those willing to associate with him.

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But the tables have turned again as British singer/songwriter and 'Bleeding Love'-hitmaker Leona Lewis revealed that she had experienced a similarly traumatising experience with Michael Costello.

She told a story that revealed that Michael had not only been bullied but once had also been bully himself.

Leona was asked to take part in a charity fashion show where Michael was a designer. Instead of being excited to dress the star, he had made the entire experience completely unenjoyable for Leona and embarrassed her:

What a confusing back-and-forth sequence of events.

At the end of the day, we just hope that those that have been victims of bullying have been able to heal from their trauma.

Maybe we can all take a life lesson out of this - Bullying is never okay.

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