LISTEN: AKA releases teaser for new song dedicated to Anele Tembe

LISTEN: AKA releases teaser for new song dedicated to Anele Tembe

It is the first new music from the rapper since the tragic death of his late fiancee.

AKA Fiancé Nellie dies
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AKA has had quite the year.

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We're only halfway through 2021 and Kiernan Forbes has been an almost constant fixture in headlines, the Twitterverse and beyond.

The rapper has dealt with a lot in only a few months including the death of his fiancee, Anele, and allegations of drug use and abuse.

When Anele's death was announced, AKA had released a statement in which he mentioned that he will not be active on any social media platforms for a while and gave control to his management team.

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Then things started to get worse even quicker and soon AKA had to make his return and address many of the things that have been said about him and his relationship.

He even had a tell-all interview.

But while he might be working on himself, seeking therapy and getting the help he needs, he did experience a major loss and has to work through that as well.

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That's why most people will tell you that no one expected new music from him this soon!

Just a few weeks ago Oscar Mbo hinted that a collab with AKA might be in the works and promoter Rubu Thulisa announced on Twitter that he is indeed back in the studio and working on new music.

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AKA’s teaser of new music comes after his “top fan” and promoter Rubu Thulisa tweeted that AKA is back in the studio and Mpumalanga-born artist Oscar Mbo hinted that a collaboration was in the works:

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Then AKA decided to share some of his new music with the fans.

Posting on his Instagram story he included the song title, 'Tear Run Dry' and a short snippet of the song.

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In the short clip, the lyrics clearly refer to his late beloved as he sings about waking up without her.

You can hear the song below:

This could be a new era of AKA music and might even indicate a brand new sound that fans are not used to hearing from the rapper.

Either way, it's very clear that he is putting all of his emotions into these songs.

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Main image courtesy of AKA Official Instagram

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