WATCH: Dieticians and experts warn against new TikTok food trend

WATCH: Dieticians and experts warn against new TikTok food trend

It really is possible to have too much of a good thing.

Dietician warns against eating frozen honey tiktok trend

As we all know TikTok has become a hub of food trends, cooking hacks, and other eating-related things.

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Sometimes there are serious hits, like the now-iconic tomato-feta pasta recipe, as well as some disastrous misses.

But every now and then one trend will come along and it will cause a little bit of chaos. And not the good kind.

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The most recent foodie must-try sweet involves a few easy steps and some simple ingredients.

The end result should look like a gummy chewy that has been bottled up!

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People are freezing honey and eating it straight out of the bottle.


This should bring it back to life #experiment

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While it might seem like a cool, sweet idea to squeeze out this treat, as it turns out, it can cause some tummy troubles.


#stitch with @emilycanham not what I was expecting… #fyp #frozenhoney #foryoupage

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With over 630-million people posting #frozenhoney videos on TikTok, there are going to be a lot of occupied bathrooms.

Although some people are a bit disgusted by the trend, most users are enjoying the taste.

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How snacking on frozen honey became a thing might be unknown, but dieticians and other experts have issued a warning and are seriously concerned.

There is approximately 82g of sugar in 100g of honey and apparently, one in three people suffer from a condition called dietary fructose intolerance.

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Dietary fructose intolerance is a result of the cells in your intestines not being able to absorb fruit sugars, aka fructose, as they should and this leads to gastrointestinal distress.

That's why eating copious amounts of honey could lead to stomach pain and a runny tummy.

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There is major concern within many health and medical communities that these types of TikTok trends are causing more harm than good as people want to jump on while it's hot, without considering the effects it could have on their bodies.

Humans are not created equally and just as one person might be allergic to peanuts, another might not be. Sometimes these trends could end horribly.


Trying the #frozenhoney TikTok trend - it’s so addictive! #frozenhoneytrend #frozenhoneychallenge #foryou #learnontiktok

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Seems like our parents were right when they told us not to play with our food.

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