"The father of my kids has been having an emotional affair with 10 different women"

"The father of my kids has been having an emotional affair with 10 different women"

Do you consider emotional infidelity just as hurtful if not more than physical infidelity? 

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A KZN listener who wants to protect her identity has written to Stacey and J Sbu for their advice on a very personal matter. She will be going under the alias of 'Michelle'. 

Michelle has been in a long-term, committed relationship with the father of her three kids for fifteen years. Their relationship is at jeopardy following a discovery by Michelle.

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Stacey and J Sbu feature her story as this week's edition of #TheFixer. 

#TheFixer is a feature on Stacey and J Sbu's show in which the duo gives KZN listeners an opportunity to share their dilemmas that they seek advice on. Together with the help of fellow KZN listeners, Stacey and J Sbu try to help the concerned party fix their problem.

Michelle has come to know of no less than ten women with which her partner has been having inappropriate online relationships.

According to an article published on Brides.com, emotional cheating is defined as below: 

"Emotional cheating is a type of infidelity where one partner shares emotional intimacy and connection with someone other than their partner. This connection crosses the boundaries of a healthy, platonic relationship and assumes a breach of trust within the primary relationship."

What is the difference between an emotional versus physical affair? 

For most people when they think of cheating, they associate this with physical contact. So, people meeting face to face and engaging in sexual relations. Many of the people who are emotionally cheating don’t consider it to be infidelity. The thinking is that, because there is no physical contact, the behaviour can’t be considered cheating.

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Views on this are subjective to the individuals and couples. For Michelle, emotional cheating is far worse than physical. Listen as she shares her story in her own words in the podcast below: 

Michelle shares just how devastated she has been since discovering her partner's betrayal. 

What makes it worse, is that the two have a young family with their three kids aged 13, 10, and their last born who just turned one. Even though her partner has profusely apologised for his actions and has made promises to repair the relationship and their trust, Michelle is really battling. 

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Have you ever had to deal with infidelity in your relationship?

Michelle is looking at getting some advice from fellow listeners, in particular women whom she believes will understand her stance on emotional cheating being worse. 

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