Dating expert shares important first date money tip for singles

Dating expert shares important first date money tip for singles

Podcast host and columnist Jana Hocking is here to clear the air about a few things...

Should men or women pay on date

The world of dating can be difficult to navigate and there are so many rules!

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We all know those cliché rules like not making any direct contact after the date and instead, you have to wait three days before you call, don't talk about your ex and if you're going to dinner, you should never eat pasta, pizza or sushi. 

But many of these "dating rules" have become extremely outdated and the game has changed. Even COVID-19 inspired some major changes in date mechanics. 

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One rule that is still as controversial as ever, and many consider to be a make or break moment for the relationship, is the paying of the bill.

When the evening begins to wind down and it's time to pay for the meals or drinks you've been enjoying, there is a tiny spark of anxiety going through you knowing that this is a crucial point in the evening.

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If you're a woman you might be thinking, "Am I going to have to pay at all? Or only my half?"

And if you're a man you are leaning towards, "Do I pay for everything or do we split it?"

Depending on your date, your answer could end the relationship before it even begins.

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So how do we address this without making it awkward? Jana Hocking, host of the Kinda Sorta Dating podcast and relationship columnist for, recently decided to settle this debate.

Jana says that the man should ALWAYS pay for the first date.

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However, there is only one exception.

If the girl asks the guy out then she still shouldn't have to pay the entire bill but they should instead split it.

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She feels that a man offering to pay the bill shows a more assertive and manly side and she will always offer to pay half with no intention of actually opening her wallet. It's more of a test but it's also not a surefire maneuver.

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She even shared the story of how a recent date ended with her accidentally having to pay $100 at an expensive wine bar because her "I'll pay half" plan backfired.

So it seems like there will never be any 100% full-proof method of determining the payment situation and it will be the greatest guessing game until the end of time...

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