Private investigator provides 20 clues to help tell if your partner is cheating

Private investigator provides 20 clues to help tell if your partner is cheating

Sometimes it's better to uncover the truth...

Clues to cheating private investigator

Has your significant other been acting strange lately?

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Maybe you're starting to notice that their behaviour has changed in some major ways?

We would like to believe that our loved ones would never hurt us, but, unfortunately, there are some bad apples out there.

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And in 2021 we don't have any time for cheaters.


Some people might argue that it's better to never find out that the love of your life is cheating on you, but why would you want to be with someone who doesn't want to give you all the love and attention you deserve?

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While it might be a difficult truth to deal with, it is much better to find out when you're wasting your time, love, and effort on someone who is treating you like second best.

Tom Martin spent over four decades as a federal agent and has become an expert at digging into the personal lives of others and uncovering any infidelities.

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He has now started his own business, Martin Investigative Services, and in a recent interview, he revealed the 20 red flags anyone should look out for if they are becoming suspicious of their partner.

It is important to note that Martin says that noticing one or two of these signs, like business trips, shouldn't ring any alarms just yet.

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If you are going through the list and check 'yes' next to four or more, then it is cause for concern.

Here is the full list of clues Martin has provided:

  1. Business trips
  2. Changing habits
  3. Excessive overtime
  4. Absences during family events and holidays
  5. Leaving home super early and returning very late
  6. Less sex
  7. Joining a gym
  8. Extra grooming
  9. Unexplained spending
  10. Hidden credit card bills/spending
  11. Buying gifts you have not seen
  12. The scent of someone else or lipstick marks on clothing
  13. Missed calls from an unknown number
  14. Coded or secretive texts
  15. Obvious lies
  16. Evasiveness or defensiveness
  17. Short temper or agitation
  18. Hates surprise visits
  19. Secret social media accounts and other accounts (e.g. email)
  20. Unexplained items such as condoms in the car

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It's clear to see why Martin says one or two of these signs might not indicate cheating, but if you know your significant other's schedule, if you know their usual work hours, it can be used in conjunction with this knowledge to help you determine what is normal behaviour - and what behaviour is not.

While we hope everyone finds themselves in happy, healthy, and stable relationships, hopefully this advice will assist those of you who are in need of some clarity.

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