Mohale Motaung's response: "we are indeed in the process of a divorce"

Mohale Motaung's response: "we are indeed in the process of a divorce"

The star's estranged husband, Mohale Motaung, recently went public with a handful of weighty accusations.

Somizi and Mohale

UPDATE - 7 August

After Somizi took to social media to release an official statement, in his own words, Mohale Motaung has also addressed the new claims made:

Previously, Somizi had his legal team address the very serious claims that had been made by Mohale Motaung. Now, the star has written a lengthy statement about the current situation.

Read the full post below:

The SABC have released their own statement regarding the allegations made against Somizi.

Somizi, who has been working as a presenter for Metro FM, has been on the receiving end of various accusations by his husband Mohale Motaung, which are now starting to affect his everyday life.

The SABC said the following:

In case you missed it:

It was a wedding that would live in infamy.

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When reality TV star Somizi Mhlongo and Mohale Motaung said their vows on three separate occasions and in front of audiences across South Africa, everyone thought that they were watching a fairytale come to life.

But all that glitters is not gold.

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Soon after the couple wed in January 2020, there were signs and speculation that they were having some issues at home.

City Press even claimed that they had it on good authority that the couple were headed for divorce, to which Somizi responded by dragging the journalist and revealing her number to the masses.

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Things have calmed down slightly since then until it was announced that Mohale Motaung had recorded an interview with the producers of 'Living the Dream with Somizi' in which he revealed some harrowing truths and made some serious allegations against Somizi.

It is not yet known when the interview will air.

According to Mohale, the relationship was completely unhealthy and filled with violence and jealousy.

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When speaking of the "dream wedding", Mohale revealed that he was afraid as they exchanged their vows. He said that by the time they had gotten married, he was a "very scared person".

During this interview, Mohale referred to various incidents that involved violence and threatening situations.

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Mohale has accused the 'Idols SA' judge of breaking his ribs, almost knocking out some of his teeth, pulling a kitchen knife on him, and trying to run his car off the road.

He told the story of one of these incidents that took place within the first three weeks of their relationship after Mohale stayed over at a friend's place. Upon his return home, he was interrogated by Somizi about where he had slept and got upset, which led to Mohale suggesting they end the relationship.

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Furthermore, he alleged that Mhlongo loves to invite strangers into their marital bed but was incredibly jealous of any interactions he would have with friends and would constantly assume that Mohale was cheating.

Apparently, they both want out of the marriage, but with regards to the allegations made by Mohale, everyone was waiting in anticipation to see what Somizi's reaction would be and he has now released a statement:

Somizi abuse allegations public statement

Once again we learn that everything on social media is not always as it seems.

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