WATCH: Unathi shares unsettling video of her being harassed by stranger

WATCH: Unathi shares unsettling video of her being harassed by stranger

Viewers were shocked and startled by the driver's behaviour.

Unathi Nkayi harassed by stranger video
Unathi Nkayi Official Instagram

It's Women's Month and even though we want to pretend that everything is fine, every now and again we receive a rude awakening.

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The harsh truth is - things are not fine and women still have to wake up every morning and deal with the questionable behaviour of other individuals.

Even Unathi had to deal with the harsh words and physical harassment of a complete stranger recently.

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Taking to Instagram, the star shared multiple videos of a man verbally harassing her after an accident.

Unathi mentions in the caption that she was involved in a car accident, as a driver bumped into her car.

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After getting out of her car and approaching the driver, presumably to exchange details, the man approaches her in a very aggressive manner.

She goes on to say that he tried to intimidate her and even laid his hands on her.

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When he realised his behaviour was not having the outcome he had hoped for, he decided to take off.

Luckily, Unathi was able to capture multiple videos of the incident and the verbal/physical exchange.

You can watch the videos below:

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As it turns out, even the bystanders who tried to help and diffuse the situation felt the need to touch Unathi without her consent.

While she might have appreciated the assistance, as most people would in a situation such as this, it still does not justify any physical interaction.

Watching this video and seeing this behaviour is terrifying and raises some major alarms.

Every day, we need to choose to be better.

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Main image courtesy of Unathi Nyaki Official Instagram

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