Gabby Petito's former boyfriend Brian Laundrie found dead

UPDATE: Gabby Petito's former boyfriend Brian Laundrie found dead

For weeks the world waited in anticipation to see what will happen next in the tragic case of the death of Gabby Petito.

Brian Laundrie's remains found in Gabby Petito case
Gabby Petito Official Instagram

The FBI has confirmed that a comparison of dental records confirmed that the human remains... are those of Brian Laundrie.

Human remains belonging to the boyfriend of murdered road tripper Gabby Petito were found in a Florida nature reserve according to US authorities.

The police had been searching for Brian Laundrie after he became the main suspect in the homicide of Gabby Petito.

The FBI had been searching for Brian since he disappeared and this week they discovered "items of interest" in Florida's Carlton Reserve which included a backpack and human remains.

It has now been confirmed that these items belong to Laundrie.

22 September

According to BBC News, the FBI have confirmed that the remains that were found in a Wyoming national park do belong to Gabrielle Venora Petito.

The coroner has made the initial finding that her death was a homicide, but has not revealed any further details about the cause of death.

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No details of the post-mortem have yet been released.

Police are also still searching for her fiancè, Mr Brian Laundrie, whose whereabouts are unknown after his family also reported him missing when he did not return from a hike.

Investigators in the meantime have searched the Laundrie's home and agents were seen towing a silver Ford Mustang while also removing several boxes from the family's house.

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Since the confirmation of Gabby's death, social media has blown up with tributes.

Here is a timeline of events that lead up to the devastating news:

The story of 22-year-old influencer and YouTuber Gabrielle Petito's disappearance has gripped the world as friends, family, and strangers have hoped and prayed for her safe return ever since the news broke that she was missing.

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Gabby's vanishing captured the attention of so many as she is a loved and widely followed on social media, but also because of the seemingly strange circumstances surrounding her case.

She had departed Long Island, New York alongside her fiancé, Brian Laundrie, in July when in September Brian had returned to his home in Florida, but this time he was on his own.

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Her family proceeded to open a missing person's case and police in Florida began working with federal and local investigators to try and track down Petito. Her fiancè has been identified as a "person of interest" but was not arrested or named a suspect.

Here is a timeline of the entire case up until now:

July 2

The couple leave New York and set off on a four-month-long cross-country trip in their van.

They had been documenting their travels on YouTube and Instagram.

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 August 12

Police in Moab, Utah respond to a report of a 'domestic problem'. Mr Laudrie had allegedly had an argument with Ms Petito and they told the police that they are engaged. Brian also told officers that issues had been accumulating over the last few days.

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August 23 and August 24

Gabby's stepfather, Jim Schmidt, and her mother, Nichole Schmidt, speak to her on a Facetime call. Gabby had said that she and Brian would be leaving Utah and were on their way to Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.

Her last Instagram post was on August 25:

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August 30

Gabby's mother said she had received a text from her daughter's phone simply stating: "No service in Yosemite”.

September 1

Brian, Gabby's fiancè, returns to North Port, Florida in the van the couple had been sharing but without Gabby.

September 11

Gabby's family file a missing person's report.

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September 15

Brain Laundrie is made a "person of interest". Chief Todd Garrison of the North Port Police sends a plea addressed to Steven Bertolino, Mr. Laundrie’s lawyer, asking for a conversation with Brian. Bertolino said he had advised Brian not to speak to authorities.

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Rangers and investigators from the National Park Service are working together with the FBI and other local authorities to find Ms Petito in Grand Teton National Park.

September 16

Chief Garrison announces that Brian is exercising his right to not speak to authorities.

Joseph Petito, Gabby's father, appeared at a news conference and asked the community for any tips and information they might have regarding Gabby's disappearance.

Her family also made a public plea to Brian's parents asking to reveal where "Brian left Gabby".

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September 17

Brian Laundrie's parents call the police to their home and reveal that they had not seen their son since the 14th of September.

September 18

The FBI continues its search for Gabby in Grand Teton National Park and the Spread Creek Dispersed Camping Area in Wyoming.

The North Port police begin their search for Mr Laundrie in the Carlton Reserve as his family believes that's where he had last been seen.

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September 19

Florida authorities said their search for Brian in the Carlton Reserve has ended with nothing new to report.

The FBI announce that they have found human remains that are believed to belong to Ms Petito.

The agent said that the remains are consistent with the description of Gabby but a full autopsy and further forensic identification will be conducted.

Our thoughts are with Gabby's loved ones.

This is a developing story.

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