Research reveals which month is known as the 'Month of Cheating'

Research reveals which month is known as the 'Month of Cheating'

Suspicious partners, this one is for you...

Research reveals which month is known as the Month of Cheating

Is there a science to cheating?

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Will we ever be able to understand the reasoning behind infidelity?

Probably not, but researchers, scientists, and even dating websites will do everything in their power to make cheating make sense. Or at least figure out when, where, how, and during which month people enjoy cheating the most.

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Illicit Encounters is a very specific site that specialises in one thing:

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Although one might not agree with their service, the site has provided a lot of insight into the behaviours and thinking of unfaithful partners.

In one of their most recent studies, they tried to determine when couples are most likely to seek a connection somewhere else.

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As it turns out, you might think a summer getaway with your partner could help sort out any issues, but it could in fact make matters a lot worse.

The site discovered that September (for those in the Northern hemisphere) takes the title for 'Month of Cheating'.

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After returning from a much-needed summer holiday, couples might be thinking that they have now just about had enough because let's be honest, there is nothing that tests a relationship as much as travelling together.

As a result of them coming to this realisation, they feel the need to stray and the end result = a cheater.

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What they found through their research was that this behaviour tends to take place every single September and that the pandemic, the many lockdowns, and the stress of COVID-19 will inevitably led to much more unfaithful behaviour.

Illicit Encounters spoke to 2,000 of their members and it was also found that 78% said that the eventual return to the office will once again help make the cheating process easier. There were also 54% of members who reassessed their relationship during this pandemic.

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And as mentioned before, long summer holidays tend to have the opposite effect of what might have been intended with the intimate physical moments still not being exciting or good enough and many couples realising they don't have a lot in common with their partner.

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And now that you're thinking about it, you realise that a bunch of people are vaccinated and we just moved back to lockdown level two. That's pretty much a recipe for relationship disaster if you already believe your partner might be a cheater.

At the end of the day, we will continue to give you the same advice we always have - instead of cheating on someone, either learn to communicate your feelings to them if you want to salvage the relationship or just cut the cord and break it off.

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But don't forget that December is just around the corner and continuing to creep closer so be sure to cancel those couple vacation plans and remember that distance makes the heart grow fonder.

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