Joburg banking executive tries to get out of paying ex-wife R2-million settlement

Joburg banking executive tries to get out of paying ex-wife R2-million settlement

That's excluding her monthly maintenance...

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Unfortunately, divorce isn't cheap.

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Not only are you losing a partner but you might be losing a bit of money as well.

In one husband's case, he'll be saying goodbye to a significant chunk of his monthly income.

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Mr JC, as he's been identified in a Johannesburg High Court judgment, and his spouse are trying to sort out their divorce settlement and it seems like they have finally come to an agreement.

Although we don't know how happy he really is with this ruling.

According to, Mr JC is a Johannesburg banking executive and while in court the judge said that the husband had been a bit sly concerning his finances.

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It comes as no surprise that divorce applicants regularly overstate their needs, meaning they ask for a lot more financial compensation than necessary, whereas respondents tend to understate their means.

Acting Judge SDJ Wilson also made it clear that although Mr JC might have been trying his luck, there was no doubt that he would be able to provide the compensation that was asked given his salary, his bonuses, and his investments.

He had initially claimed that he was earning less than R100,000 per month, but his financial disclosures revealed the truth.

In the last financial year, Mr JC had a true net income of R7-million and although only R4-million of this was a "cash component", there's no doubt that he would be able to easily provide the funds his ex-wife is requiring.

In fact, his estimated net worth is just over R40-million and his average monthly cash income is at least R300,000.

And how much does she want exactly?

Well, come the 1st of October, she'll be receiving a payout of R2-million followed by R88,000 every month for maintenance.

This includes paying her R46,123.69 a month, R21,289.31 a month for each of the two children, their educational costs, and any medical costs.

The family have also moved into a new house and he will have to pay the rent of R20,000 as well as any costs as a result of setting up the new household.

But since there was a tiny bit of drama, did the judge agree with the costs she feels entitled to?

Good news for ex-Mrs JC.

While she walks away with a win for her and her kids, Mr JC clearly might not be too thrilled about this outcome.

He might be reconsidering the couples counselling option right about now... 

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