WATCH: Stranger verbally harasses women wearing "pornographic" bikinis on beach

WATCH: Stranger verbally harasses women wearing "pornographic" bikinis on beach

Bikinis on the beach? Outrageous.

WATCH: Stranger verbally harasses women wearing "pornographic" bikinis on beach

Going to the beach is supposed to be a fun, joyful experience.

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Spending time in the sunshine, enjoying a swim, and having a good time with friends and family.

That's what you want when you go to the beach. Not some man harassing you, telling you what you should be doing and most importantly, what you should be wearing.

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But isn't that the constant struggle in any woman's life, whether they are scantily clad or wearing multiple layers?

In Fort Collins, USA, a group of women were doing exactly this, enjoying a beach day when they became the target of one man's tirade.

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Mia, known as @ggarbagefairy on TikTok, posted a video in two parts on the app with the video capturing the moment a random man walked up to the group of friends and started berating them for their choice of clothing.

Or in this case, their lack thereof.

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In the first TikTok, a man walks towards the group and asks them: "Why do you dress this way?"

He then continues to bombard them with very harsh statements, telling them they're "flaunting their stuff", they're "the only thing that sticks out" because their whole body is showing, and they need to "take young eyes into consideration" because "they don't need to see pornography".

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A friend in the group can at one point be heard telling him most of them just turned 18-years-old and "I'm not flaunting anything, don't look at me".

The women also ask him to leave multiple times, which he refuses to do, and also want to know whether he will be approaching men in swimsuits in the same manner, to which he answers he wouldn't because it's different.

Watch the full interaction below:


Part 1###harrassement ##feminism #fuckmen

♬ original sound - Mia

Part 2

♬ original sound - Mia

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Mia even shared a third and final video showing a picture of the group of friends and explaining that their swimwear wasn't even different or more inappropriate than any other swimsuit you would be seeing at the beach:


@loganvandorn sir this is not the way to “spread the word”. Spread love instead. Get well soon. ##harrassement ##feminism ##beaches

♬ original sound - Mia

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The man in Mia's video, Logan Dorn, is also a fellow TikTok user and he decided to post his own response to Mia's video calling him out.

Many viewers were shocked to discover that Logan has no intention of apologising for his behaviour and he does not see anything wrong with his approach in this situation:


The truth will set you free.. ♥️✝️ #jesus #jesuslovesyou #truth #truthwillsetyoufree #godlovesyou #fathersonholyspirit #revival #repent #jesusiscoming

♬ original sound - Logan Dorn

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Could the family have moved away to a different spot without harassing these bikini-wearing women? Yes, probably. But that is not the route Logan had chosen. He made the choice to address these women who were just there to enjoy their day, much like Logan and his family, and subsequently made them feel very uncomfortable.

We won't say whether or not we're choosing sides here and instead, we'll just leave you with two very important podcasts from our 'Unshaken' series.

These podcasts might help shine some light on the issues that have been highlighted by this video and Logan's behaviour:

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