Emotional Breakdowns at work, have you ever had one?

Emotional Breakdowns at work, have you ever had one?

Crying at work is a rite of passage and we won't let anyone tell us otherwise.


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No matter how tough and strong we think we are or pretend to be, we all have our days where we break down.

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Sometimes you can only control only so much and before you know it you're crying at your desk and hoping none of your co-workers see a thing.

There's nothing wrong with having a good cry but it can be a bit awkward having to explain yourself to your co-workers.

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Maybe you just want to shed a tear after your boss bit your head off. 

Or you could even have an emotionally taxing job that requires you to just let your feelings out every now and then (here's looking at you every single medical staff member who has been working during this pandemic).

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You're only human and as human beings, we can get overwhelmed easily which means we have to let out our emotions whether it's happiness, anger or sadness.

Unfortunately, sadness might lead to the waterworks being turned on and for that you might want a few moments to get it all out before returning to your regularly scheduled programming, pretending everything is fine and getting back to work.

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So where do you go for your 5-minute cry? Do you sit at your desk and hope no one notices or do you head to your favourite bathroom stall where your sniffs are less likely to be heard?

Stacey and J Sbu asked KZN if they've cried at work and if so, where?

First up, the team heard from Precious whose story was not only relatable but a bit amusing, have a listen below: 

It was then up to the duo, to share when and why they ever had a breakdown at the work place, Have a listen to Stacey and J Sbu share below: 

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