Woman tests blind date only to be left with R46,000 bill!

Woman tests blind date only to be left with R46,000 bill!

Her date might have failed the test but he did dodge a bullet...

Woman left with $3,100 bill on blind date

Blind dates can be terrifying.

You are meeting up with someone who you have never met and know nothing about, except maybe for one or two minor details that your friends (or whoever arranged the setup) have provided.

So there is a lot of pressure because there is only a 50% chance that it might not work out.

But if you do decide to go on a blind date then you clearly have more courage than most of us!

The one thing about blind dates though is that you don't know what could happen and the unexpected could be bizarre.

That's the unfortunate circumstance Mr. Lui, 29, found himself in when he agreed to go on a blind date, probably hoping to meet the love of his life.

Instead, he met her and 23 of her family members!

While we're all for meeting the family, we think that the meeting shouldn't take place until after you at least know your date's name and occupation.

Mr. Lui's mother had set up the date because she was concerned about his non-existant dating life, but this for sure has traumatised him as he was then left with an enormous bill!

Lui has agreed to pay for the meal and his date decided to use this as a test. Would he be willing to pay for her as well as 23 members of her family's meals?

Seeing as the bill was a massive $3,100 (R46,455) that would be a hard pass.

He had offered to pay for a small part of the bill but asked that the extra family members pay for their own meals.

When it was clear that was not the plan Mr Lui quickly understood what was happening, did not care whether or not he passed or failed the test and decided to make a run for it.


The woman told local news sources that she had wanted to test his generosity and only then would she decide whether she would want to commit to the relationship.

Although her plan totally backfired as she was the one left having to pay for her family.

Seems that like revenge, karma is also a dish best served cold, and it's worth about R40K...

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