Researchers reveal the most confusing movie ever!

Researchers reveal the most confusing movie ever!

Looking for some movie recommendations that you can get into over the weekend? Well, here's a list of the best bewildering and baffling films of all time.

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Some of us enjoy watching rom-coms filled with cringe and meet-cutes, while others prefer gut-punching actions.

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We'll never understand the people who actually, thoroughly enjoy watching horrors, but you do you.

One movie genre that has always been quite popular is those head-scratching, suspense-filled thrillers.

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Unfortunately for fans of this genre, sometimes the film is so good and so well thought out that you end up not understanding the ending or even the whole thing from start to finish!

If you were wondering if you are the only person confused by a specific movie or if you've found yourself on Google just seconds after the end credits roll, we are here to tell you that you are not alone.

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A bunch of researchers have officially compiled a list of the most confusing movies of all time!

A team of researchers recently conducted a study in which they went through several lists found on online publications that mentioned some of the movies that are generally hard to follow.

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They then compiled a list of 132 movies and then turned to Google, where they would search each film followed by these terms: "ending", "explained," and "ending explained". This was a quite good indicator of which movies viewers felt needed further explanation.

They analysed the data, and the results are in!

Not only were they able to determine the number one most confusing film of all time, but which era of movies had the most complicated movies, which directors had created the most of these movies and more.

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Now without any further ado, let's reveal the top three most confusing movies ever created:

3. Shutter Island

2. Tenet

1. Inception

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One could argue that even after these trailers, we still don't really understand the plot of any of these movies!

Also, it seems like Leonardo DiCaprio is a fan of these complex movies.

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As it turns out, Christopher Nolan's 'Inception' has over two million ending/explanation-related searches, while his latest feature, 'Tenet', is a close second.

Here is a full list of the 25 most confusing films: 

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And you would think that the more complex the movie is, the more likely it is to receive a bad rating. But as it turns out, although people were left with many questions after watching these films, one thing they knew for sure was that they loved watching them!

And finally, which year will forever be known as 'The Year of the Puzzling Plots'?

Clearly, it was the main theme in 2006.

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Now if you are having a movie marathon this weekend you either now know which movies to avoid or you know which ones to add to the list in case you're looking for something a little more challenging.

You can thank us later... after you've figured out the endings!

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