Can J Sbu tell when Stacey is about to blow a fuse?

Can J Sbu tell when Stacey is about to blow a fuse?

Everyone might have a tell, but it's not always that obvious...

Stacey and J Sbu mad
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Not all relationships are just filled with rainbows, butterflies, and sunshine.

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No matter how much you love someone or how close you are, whether it's your BFF, your mother or your lover, there are times where you just want them to get a grip!

Let's be honest, even the most "perfect" relationships have their issues.

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Now although being annoyed or mad at someone is completely normal and only makes you human, there is something that we humans also tend to do when we do feel this way.

We avoid.

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We don't address the problem. It might be because we assume that the other person knows what they have done wrong (and we all know what they say about assuming anything...) or we might want to just dodge conflict for as long as possible.

Unfortunately, we don't always hide it that well.

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Some people cannot hide their emotions and it's plain to see on their faces but body language tends to be the biggest giveaway.

The crossing of arms, the storming off, the puffing of chests (a favourite amongst men in bars about to thrown down), and more can quickly indicate whether there is something that their words are not telling you.

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But can you tell someone's tell?

Stacey and J Sbu have been working together every day for a year. They've spent most of every day together, spent weekends together, and even hang out outside of the show.

So they know each other pretty well.

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Today, when J Sbu arrived at work, he noticed something was off. Stacey wasn't being her normal self.

Although Stacey had told him that "Everything is fine", J Sbu instantly knew everything was not fine.

And there was one thing that confirmed his suspicion.

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Take a listen to find out what happened and whether or not all is now resolved:

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