WATCH: Internet shocked by video of man shouting "who made this" in restaurant

WATCH: Internet shocked by video of man shouting "who made this" in restaurant

This man has taken customer feedback to the next level!

Who made this viral

Sometimes, when dining out, things can get heated. And we're not just talking about the stove in the kitchen.

There is a common tendency amongst some restaurant patrons that if you are unsatisfied with your meal, you can chide, reprimand, and even just yell at the staff of the establishment. 

Everyone makes mistakes, but it has become almost the norm that when someone in the food industry makes the tiniest mistake, it can turn even the most mellow mom into a raging Karen.

Which isn't always fair towards the hardworking servers, hosts, and chefs.

A more civilised way of dealing with an issue or if you truly have a major complaint then you should ask to speak to the manager or the chef. Nothing gets resolved when one decided to make a scene.

It does seem that in the modern technological times we live in, people might even just go straight to social media.

As with this case.

In a recent TikTok video, a man was filmed making quite the scene while dining.

The man can be seen rising out of his seat with his meal in front of him and soon starts to yell "ubani yenza le ukdula?" (Zulu for "Who made this food?")

Fellow patrons in the restaurant and even the manager are completely shocked by this outburst.

That is until you see what happens next. They could not believe what they had just seen:

This is not the first time a diner has confused restaurant staff and fellow customers with this type of behaviour.

In 2018, a similar feel-good video started making the rounds on Twitter and soon had millions of views. As of today, the original tweet has 8.1-million views.

The original "Who made this?"-video shows Twitter user @spookyboosky eating his burger at the American fast food restaurant ShakeShack.

As the person starts recording, Demarcus gets up from his seat, takes his burger and heads to the kitchen area where he starts yelling and asking the staff "who made this burger?". It seems like Demarcus is very upset and is about to berate the person who made his food.

Finally, when they tell him an employee named Jason made the burger, viewers experience the biggest plot twist:

These videos might only seem like something that we might forget about in a month or two, but the most important takeaway is that the internet is filled with criticism and almost constant negativity. Sometimes spreading a little kindness and positivity can go a long way.

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