AKA releases statement on allegations of "Drugs and violence" in his relationship with Anele

AKA releases statement on allegations of "Drugs and violence" in his relationship with Anele

The nature of the relationship between AKA and his now late fiancée Anele Tembe is the subject of headline news this Sunday.


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It has barely been a month since the tragic passing of 22-year-old Anele Tembe, sending shockwaves across the country. 

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According to Police, in the early hours of Sunday morning, an investigation was opened following the death of Anele Tembe, the fiancée of well-known musician AKA, at the five-star Pepperclub Hotel in central Cape Town.

When the news was finally confirmed, sources close to AKA said that he had sought counselling and that he was beside himself with grief, which can be expected. The rapper proposed in February, and the couple had even begun lobola negotiations.

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That is why it does not come as a shock that AKA had remained silent during this time and has not yet addressed the situation. 

In the absence of this, many ugly rumours began to spread like wildfire on social media. Some claimed that the couple had a very tumultuous relationship and that things could get physical at times.

All of which until present days are allegations and rumours. 

The funeral service of Anele Tembe, which was streamed live, did not help the rumour mill. Many people picked up what they felt were subliminal messages from the late Tembe's dad and the pastor directed at AKA. 

During this mourning period, AKA has, in fact, handed all of his social media accounts to his management; before doing so, however, he released the following press statement:

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Since then the star has been keeping to himself as his management team continues to post and share work projects on his social media accounts. 

Last night however as what seemed like a pre-empt of what was to come, AKA released a new statement. Hours later, on Sunday morning- the following pictures and videos began circulating online: 

In the statement, AKA is quoted as saying: 

Read the full statement below: 

It is now clear that the statement was in response to a story that was run today by a newspaper publication in which pictures of AKA were released in which he is seen breaking down a door trying to get to Anele. 

The incident allegedly took place on March 13. 

AKA's statement is now clearly a slam at the insinuations as he labelled them "An attempt to disparage my name and Anele's character".

What the rapper does admit to is that he and Anele had faced troubles in their relationship 'just like any other couple' but said he refused to be drawn into exposing those in the wake of Nelli's death. 

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