WATCH: People are getting high by eating raw, rotten meat

WATCH: People are getting high by eating raw, rotten meat

We've spent so much time worrying about the vegetarians and vegans we forgot to check in on our fellow meat eaters...

Raw emat

People are always very quick to judge someone who says they are a vegetarian or vegan.

While it's fine to have different opinions about these types of things, there is clearly one steak-shaped elephant in the room that we need to address.

Because let's be honest - choosing to only eat vegetables is nowhere near as crazy or disgusting as this is.

People have started eating raw meat to get high!

We've said it once and we'll say it again: just when we thought we've seen it all, social media shocks us again.

This 'trend' started in 2017 when a YouTube channel called, #sv3rige, which has around 90k subscribers, posted a bizarre video titled, 'Eating 1 Year Old Rotten High Meat (Beef Entrecôte)'.

The YouTuber goes on to do exactly that. He removes the piece of raw, rotten meat from a glass container, noting that it smells like acidic mushrooms, and explains that "Rotten food is completely something else". Whatever that may mean.

He also refers to the dish as "high meat".

Since 2017, the "high meat" community has been thriving and doing a simple search on Twitter will actually reveal many people who are thoroughly enjoying this food trend.

The raw, untreated meat is stored for months, which leads to bacteria growth within/on the meat and those who are brave enough to then consume it have stated that they have experienced feelings of euphoria, the same as getting high.

Obviously, many experts are advising meat eaters against this.

Although there isn't a whole lot of concrete evidence or information on the subject, Singapore-based consultant dietitian Naras Lapsys told that consuming rotten meat is incredibly risky.

According to Lapsys, it is all about luck. You could enjoy a piece of meat filled with bacteria that will only get you happy and high, or things could go south and you could end up eating a piece that will give you food poisoning (which makes sense) or it could lead to even worse stomach conditions.

One of these conditions is called "botulism". It is known to cause blurred vision, trouble speaking, and tiredness.

But enough of the medical talk, we want to know what the people think!

There seems to be a balanced mix of people willing to risk it and try to eat rotten meat, while the other half are absolutely disgusted.

We know which side we're on... do you?

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