WATCH: Shocking video shows angry parents carry and throw out local school principal

WATCH: Shocking video shows angry parents carry and throw out local school principal

The parents, who are fed up and frustrated, decided to take matters into their own hands.

School principal being carried out

Police in Pretoria were recently called to Laerskool Theresapark where parents were chasing the school's principal out of the school.

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What could have led to this altercation?

The principal in question has been accused of verbally abusing fellow educators at the school, while also bankrupting the institution.

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On Thursday morning, the learners' parents decided that they have had enough of this and wanted to show how dire the circumstances had become.

In a video taken by one of the parents, you can see the parents carrying the principal out of the school. As they make their way outside, she falls off the chair and the video stops recording.

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It was reported by Pretoria News that after the local officials had arrived, the principal locked herself in her office and they will be remaining on the grounds to prevent the situation from escalating any further.

The parents have also remained outside while waiting for the Intervention Unit of the Department of Education officials to arrive, who were said to be on their way. They have also said that whether there is further intervention or not, the principal must go and they want feedback today.

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These extreme actions come after there was an alleged message that had been circulating amongst the parents that had caused some distress.

Parents had been told that the school had been dealing with a lot of teachers resigning and in one single month, multiple teachers left at once. There have also been rumours that the principal had been running the school by instilling fear into not only learners, but teachers as well. She apparently did not show any respect to her fellow educators.

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The parents also claim to have a voice clip that will prove that they are telling the truth, although the principal has defended herself and said she never shouts.

At the end of the day, the focus should be on the children's education, although the parents have used unconventional methods to get their message across and this is not the best example as to how this situation should be handled.

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