"I am not dating with the intent to marry, I'm dating to accumulate wealth"

"I am not dating with the intent to marry, I'm dating to accumulate wealth"

Do you brush off bad behaviour because you're focused on the future?

Dating with the intent of getting married ruins relationships

"We accept the love we think we deserve" - Stephen Chbosky.

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There are a lot of different aspects to relationships. 

You and your partner need to share interests, have good and open communication, and, of course, there needs to be a whole lot of love!

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But every single adult will reach that age where family members start asking you the question most single people, or couples for that matter, absolutely regret: "When are you getting married?"

The pressures of getting married and finding the one by a certain age, or the fear of dying alone, has so many people acting a certain way when they do end up in relationships.

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When the endgame is marriage, there could be some serious implications within the relationship.

Are you settling for someone because you are afraid of being alone?

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Are you putting up with behaviours, habits, and other things from your partner that you otherwise would not because you are thinking about the future?

Should we all just be dating for fun and if marriage happens then great, and if it doesn't, it doesn't?

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Today Stacey and J Sbu are getting deep into the relationship mindset and they wanted to ask KZN all about dating and marriage.

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