Dr Musa Mthombeni hits back at haters: How much love is too much?

Dr Musa Mthombeni hits back at haters: How much love is too much?

Dr Musa Mthombeni and his wife Liesl Laurie-Mthombeni are being dragged for their next-level PDA.

Dr Musa Mthombeni and Liesl Laurie clapback at haters love PDA
Dr Musa Mthombeni Official Instagram

If you are on the social media streets at all, you would have noticed that medical doctor and broadcaster, Dr Musa Mthombeni, has been sitting at the top of the trends this week.

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And for the most bizarre reason.

No, there has been no major scandal.

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In fact, this man has been trending for exactly the opposite reason. Instead of being caught cheating on his wife or for being shady in some other way, Dr Mthombeni was trending because of the way in which he loves his wife.

Dr Musa Mthombeni is no stranger to an emotional, lovey-dovey post about his wife.

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The couple have only been married for about two months and Musa loves to gush about his stunner wife every chance he gets:

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While most of us would think that showing off your partner and being bold and proud in your love for them would be a good thing, lots of Tweeps are feeling some kind of way about all of these PDA moments.

Many people feel like the posts are becoming too much and that Musa can't possibly mean everything he says.

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It has the people divided and so Musa decided to address it:

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Here are just a few of the reactions his latest post evoked:

But it does raise the question: is there such a thing as too much love? Or at least too much PDA?

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