WATCH: Woman shares inappropriate messages from stranger who might be her cousin

WATCH: Woman shares inappropriate messages from stranger who might be her cousin

This man can clearly not take a hint.

TikTok cousins Facebook flirting

It's common knowledge that things can get weird in the DM's.

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Some people really have the audacity to just shoot their shot with the most ridiculous pick-up lines and absurdly forward messages.

And 95% of the time, this interaction takes place between two people who have never met.

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To show you just how crazy and weird things can get, here is a storytime courtesy of TikToker Isadora.

Isadora took to TikTok to share her interaction with a random man from Canada who had slid into her DM's on Facebook.

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He had sent her a friend request and she thought he could be one of her cousins who she had never met. She explains that she has a few family members that live in Canada and they had mutual friends, who are all her cousins.

She was caught off-guard when the man had greeted her and then proceeded to flirt with her.

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Watch the video below to hear how this story took multiple plot twists: 

(Warning: this video does contain strong language)


Literally what is my life

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It's a very big no from us.

And speaking of DM's, J Sbu has had his very own interesting DM experience when he decided to meet up with a listener who was showing our man some interest.

Listen to the podcast or watch the video to see how it all went down:

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