Red flag alert: "My boyfriend won't let me borrow his credit card"

Red flag alert: "My boyfriend won't let me borrow his credit card"

What's mine might be yours, but not really...

My boyfriend won't tell me his pin number

When you are in a relationship you tend to share a lot with your partner.

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You share your feelings, your fears, your goals, and on a more physical level, you might share clothes, food, possibly a living space, and so much more.

It's only fair to assume that your significant other knows some intimate details about your life.

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But sometimes when it comes to financial situations, people can get uncomfortable and weird which could lead to some issues in the relationship.

Most of us have either had first-hand experience with red flags or we have at least heard of them.

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A red flag in any relationship refers to a warning sign that will arise and indicate that you should tread carefully as you continue on.

Some relationship red flags include not labeling the relationship after a few months, they don't tell their friends and family about you, etc.

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But people are also very unique and different.

When it comes to other types of behaviour, some people might label it as a red flag while others think it's perfectly normal.

Stacey and J Sbu recently received the following message on the WhatsApp line from a listener in need of some advice:

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Was this a petty move or is it totally acceptable behaviour?

Should your partner be sharing their card's pin number with you just because you are romantically involved? Or does this indicate that there might be a deeper, underlying issue at play?

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Stacey and J Sbu posed the question to KZN and this is what they had to say.

As mentioned, every relationship is different and a red flag for me won't be a red flag for you, but there is some problematic behaviour that is universally unacceptable.

If you're finding it hard to pinpoint any red flags when you're dating, here is a short, informative video to help you out:

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