Man banned from every bar and bottle store in his home state after night out

Man banned from every bar and bottle store in his home state after night out

This 24-year-old's weekend plans are looking a little different now...

Man banned from every bottle store and bar in queensland

If you've ever watched a movie like 'The Hangover' you'll know that consuming large amounts of alcohol generally doesn't lead to people making the wisest decisions and a lot of things can go wrong.

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Or maybe you have some first-hand experience.


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That's why you need to drink responsibly.

Unfortunately, one man's drinking habits got him into some serious trouble and hopefully, it has taught him a very valuable lesson.

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Australian Dyon James Blyth was enjoying a night out when he decided to stop by a bottle store. By this point in time, Dyon was already pretty intoxicated.

As he entered the store he recognised one of the female employees. He claims to have not seen her in a while and wanted to greet her with a hug.

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His advances were not reciprocated by the staff member and when he noticed this he proceeded to put her in a headlock and started 'roughing' her up.

As this was happening she was yelling at him to stop which he eventually did.

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He had also asked for a case of drinks but the staff member told him he was too drunk and she would not be supplying him with more alcohol.

This once again trigger Dyon so he threatened to pull down her pants. He grabbed them and tried to pull them down but eventually stopped.

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Finally, the police were called and he was charged with common assault in a public place while adversely affected.

During his trial, it came to light that Dyon had previously been charged with assault occasioning bodily harm and being a public nuisance. He was also on probation when the bottle store incident occured.

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His lawyer mentioned that Blyth had been receiving counseling since the incident to address his drinking which convinced Magistrate Haritgan that he had to be banned from all licensed premises in the state of Queensland instead of sending him to jail.

He also received two years probation and 40 hours unpaid community service.

Here's hoping this young man can get his life back on track and won't have any more run-ins with the law.

If you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol addiction, you can contact Alcoholics Anonymous here.

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