SEE: Deaf Uber driver leaves heartwarming note for his passengers

SEE: Deaf Uber driver leaves heartwarming note for his passengers

A gentle reminder that you never know what kind of obstacles someone else is facing.

Deaf Uber driver heartwarming note

As human beings, we tend to be quite self-involved.

We always think about ourselves and our own problems, which is important, but your world shouldn't really be revolving around yourself.

Occasionally, when you open your eyes and look around, you'll notice that there are others out there with their own struggles who are also just trying to get through this crazy thing called life.

That's what happened when Twitter user Jeremy recently got into an Uber.

If we were to ask you to name one Uber driver you've ridden with in the past, you probably wouldn't even be able to remember a single one of their names. Let's be honest, when it comes to these services people don't want to get familiar with the person providing the service. You probably get in, chill on your phone until you get to the destination, not saying a word, and leave when the ride is done.

But Jeremy noticed that his Uber driver had attached a note to the back of the front passenger seat. 

The note, written by driver Onur, welcomed passengers to his Uber and was an example of customer service going above and beyond.

This note is quite important because it explains to Onur's passengers that he is in fact deaf.

Jeremy, the man behind the viral tweet, said that Onur was a very sweet and smiley man who had no problem helping him load and unload his bags. He also seemed like a very positive soul and Jeremy tried to thank him as much as possible calling him an absolute legend.

Naturally, everyone else had the same reaction we had upon seeing this tweet:

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