WATCH: Apple users beware! This Insta-story will freeze your phone

WATCH: Apple users beware! This Insta-story will freeze your phone

No matter how many times we warn you, you are probably going to watch the Instagram story anyway...

Instagram story freezes iPhone


ENTER #ECRPresenterSearch

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, we can tell you about the Instagram story of death.

Every human being has that part of them that wants to rebel. When someone tells you not to look, you want to look. When they tell you not to do anything, you almost automatically want to do it.


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We might never know why we're like this but another mystery that could remain on the internet forever is a suspicious Instagram story.

TikTok user @h1t1 (real name John Casterline) enjoys exposing fake accounts and investigating weird phenomena and he recently stumbled across a very strange Instagram story.

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He posted a video on TikTok where he explained what happened to his 2.8-million followers.

Apparently, when you go to an Instagram account called @pgtalal

 you'll see a story that has been added to a highlight reel.

According to John and many others who have viewed the story, it had caused their phones to freeze and it does seem very real.

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Unfortunately, we are not willing to risk our phones for scientific purposes, but if you choose to visit this story, then it's at your own risk.

You can watch the full explanation below:


this is actually so strange🤨

♬ original sound - john casterline

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Finding the experience extremely intriguing, John then set out on a mission to figure out how this is happening and even contacted the owner of the page in an attempt to figure out what is happening to everyone's iPhones.

He also posted regular videos on TikTok providing updates.



♬ original sound - john casterline

Eventually, he received the hugely anticipated answer!



♬ original sound - john casterline

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We won't pretend to understand it but according to LADbible, one person explained it as being a "binary exploit". The person also said that they had downloaded the "raw picture data and found long strings of data".

If you want more of an in-depth explanation and if you, like everyone who has watched these videos or heard about this Instagram story just couldn't resist and had your iPhone freeze, then this is a video for you:

We might not be the biggest and brightest tech geniuses but it also doesn't take a tech genius to know that this is probably one Insta-story you should stay away from.

If you do decide to risk it, let us know how it goes.

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Main image courtesy of @h1t1/TikTok

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