AKA releases statement following Nelli Tembe's death

AKA releases statement following Nellie Tembe's death

The rapper has broken his silence and is opening up about losing the "love of his life".

Aka and nellie

Just a few weeks ago, the heartbreaking news broke that Anele 'Nellie' Tembe had fallen from the Pepperclub hotel in Cape Town and unfortunately she passed away.

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Most people were in a state of shock and were hoping it was fake news, while others were sending their condolences to Nellie's family and of course, her fiance, Kiernan Forbes (who is known as AKA).

When the news was finally confirmed, sources close to AKA said that he had sought counselling and that he was beside himself with grief, which can be expected. The rapper had proposed in February and the couple had even begun lobola negotiations.

Losing a loved one is never easy and the grief can almost be unbearable.

That is why it does not come as a shock that AKA had remained silent during this time and has not yet addressed the situation. 

Even though he is a famous face in SA and is constantly in the public eye, he has taken this time to keep to himself, has remained offline, and has not addressed the sad series of events or his emotional state at all. He did attend the funeral but has made no other appearances since.

During this mourning period, AKA has in fact handed all of his social media accounts to his management.

This morning, AKA broke his silence by releasing a statement on TimesLive:

AKA official statement

May AKA, Nellie's family, friends, and loved ones continue to heal from this tragic loss.

After the devastating news was confirmed, the rumours and speculation started and it turned this sad story into something dirty.

J Sbu and Stacey also reflected on the story and they had a few things they wanted to say to their fellow South Africans:

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