WATCH: Cassper Nyovest's #TheLegacyDeal is a massive payday

WATCH: Cassper Nyovest's #TheLegacyDeal is a massive payday

If you thought Cassper has been living his best life up until now, wait until you hear how big this payday is...

Cassper R100 million
Cassper Nyovest Official Instagram

Nobody can question the fact that Cassper Nyovest has been making money moves since day one.

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Since breaking onto the music scene, Cassper has been honest with his fans about his dreams and aspirations. Especially when it comes to the hustle. 

That includes all aspects of wealth - lavish homes, expensive cars, designer clothing, and everything else the lush life could possibly entail.

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Some might call it showy and excessive, but one could argue that if he has worked hard for his money, why can't he spend it on whatever he likes?

As one of the most successful rappers in the country, this has led to some other major business opportunities outside of music.

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On Tuesday morning, Cassper took to Twitter to announce one of his biggest deals to date.

Nyovest was set to sign a deal with Drip Footwear, but all other details remained secret.

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Building even more suspense on his stories, viewers caught a glimpse of the rapper making his way to what he referred to as #TheLegacyDeal.

While driving in his Bentley, he talks about his humble beginnings and how he used to sit in the back of a van:

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But since the deal, Cassper has not posted anything else on his own Instagram and has only retweeted a few mentions on Twitter.

According to @SlikourOnLife, the deal that has just been signed by Drip Footwear and Family Tree (Cassper's music label) is for an incredible R100-million!

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We might not know all the details yet, but everyone has been made aware of the magnitude of this deal.

You can watch #TheLegacyDeal take place in the video below:

Cassper has always said that he wants to be Mzansi's next billionaire and we might not be his accountant, but it seems like he is definitely on his way to achieving just that!

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Main image courtesy of Cassper Nyovest Official Instagram

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